Like You Mean It/Time for Love Characters

Marcy Larsen

Civil engineer

Best friends with Danni and Chelsea

Only child of George and Shirley Larsen

Married Nick Singer

Age 17 in Like You Mean It

Age 24 in Taking a Gamble


Nick Singer

Construction worker

Son of Charmain and brother of Danni

Married Marcy Larsen

Age 19 in Like You Mean It

Age 26 in Taking a Gamble


Randi Jennings

Preschool teacher

Former roommate of Chelsea Schumacher

Sisters Reeva and Rachel

A Midwest transplant now living in Los Angeles

Age 24

Tom Schumacher

Writer/Podcast host

Extraterrestrial enthusiast

Brother of Chelsea Schumacher

Age 22

Grayson Jacobs

AKA: Jake

Cousin of Justin and Darren

Only son of Sylvia

Vice President of Operations for Jacobs Brothers Prosthetics

Age 28

Crispin Kinkaid

AKA: Cris

Dance teacher

One of five sons

Age: 26

Shayla Hamilton

Social Worker for Child Protective Services

Loves to bake, read, knit and do needlepoint

Age 28

Best friends with Grayson Jacobs

Tripp Crosby

Tattoo artist

Originally from Kansas

Older brother of Kelly

Age 31

Friend of Justin Jacobs